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CARS of America offers several levels of client protection programs:

  • Limited Lifetime Repair Warranty covers 100% of parts, labor and towing and complimentary loaner during the re-repair process, on specified CARS of America repairs within 25 miles of 1727 Chestnut Ave, Glenview, Il 60025.
  • Complimentary 24 month/24,000 mile Nationwide 100% parts & labor warranty, underwritten by a third party for vehicles that suffer a breakdown due to a failed repair or covered part outside of a 25 mile radius of 1727 Chestnut Ave, Glenview Il 60025

CARS of America Limited Lifetime Repair Warranty

  • Is limited to a 25-mile radius of 1727 Chestnut Ave, Glenview, Il 60025
  • Coverage begins when a repair is performed and terminates at the end of the vehicle's useful life.
  • Coverage is transferable from the current vehicle owner to subsequent owners; thereby increasing the resale value of the vehicle.
  • Coverage excludes, Rebuilt parts, wearing items such as or similar to; spark plugs, clutch discs, brake pads and rotors, tires, fluids, rubber products like radiator and heater hoses, transmission filters, and engine oil and intake air filters, cabin air filters, and other parts classified as "wearable" or maintenance parts. Other items not covered will be explained to you by your client care specialist at the time of your visit. Please ask for details.
  • Coverage includes repair items like, but not limited to; New Alternators, New Starters, Timing Belt Tensioners, Idler Pulleys, New Water Pumps, etc.
  • Some items Require periodic attention to maintain the Lifetime Repair Warranty, like, but not limited to; to Brake Calipers, and Transmissions, etc, I.E. fluid services, periodic inspections, and/or adjustments, performed on or before CARS of America's prescribed intervals, by CARS of America to keep the Life Time Repair Warranty in force.

Batteries are covered by a separate manufacturers' warranty and attached to the battery.

Tires are covered by

  • A CARS of America Tire Protection Program Protects your tires for five years or to 2/32 tread depth remaining (commonly referred to as "the tire's lifetime"), is provided by a program purchased for a fee, whether you bought them from CARS of America or not.
  • Continued coverage requires preventive maintenance like, but not limited to; alignment and rotation and balance by CARS of America.
  • The Protection program provides complimentary pressure check upon request, tire repairs, tire rotation, annual wheel alignment inspection, and free replacement if the tire becomes unrepairable due to a sidewall puncture, or the tire sustains unrepairable road hazard damage. Coverage does not provide tread protection or provide ant tread life warranty.
  • This warranty is voided if proper tire pressure is not maintained. Proper pressure is found on the driver's door jamb or pillar post, not the pressure on the tire sidewall.
  • Damage due to vandalism or theft is not covered but is normally covered by the owner's vehicle or homeowners' insurance, lack of preventive maintenance, or manufacturing defects listed above, normally covered by the tire manufacturers' workmanship coverage (see next).
  • Some tire manufacturers supply a free, similar, but inferior, Road Hazard Warranty with purchased tires. Ask our tire specialist for details.
  • Actions/Inactions will void the coverage:
    • Operating the vehicle with the tire pressure above or below the manufacturer's recommended tire pressure as posted on the Driver's door jamb placard. This is determined by finding sidewall damage on the interior sidewall inspection.
    • Obvious premature tread wear on the center of the tire is caused by excessive tire pressure.
  • All tires have a manufacturer's Tread life expectation that requires all of the above listed various periodic tire maintenance be performed.
  • Contrary to marketing you may see, no tires have a Manufacturer's tread life warranty.
  • Commercial vehicles are covered by a 12 month - 12,000-mile warranty for all repairs.
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