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What it takes to properly service your hybrid vehicle

Individual module in hybrid car batteries | Cars Of America, IncWe use this Flir thermal imaging device to test temperature of each individual module in hybrid car batteries.

At CARS of America, we offer more than lip service about being hybrid vehicle repair specialists. We’ve invested significantly in hybrid specialty equipment and training to ensure your hybrid is truly in the hands of an expert when you bring it to CARS of America.

Here’s a sampling of the equipment we have to properly care for your hybrid vehicle:

We test your hybrid battery | Cars Of America, IncWe use this piece of equipment to discharge and test your hybrid battery. This will help us determine if it’s in good health, needs to be reconditioned or rebuilt.
  • Hybrid Battery Discharger: This is one of two instruments used to give your hybrid battery a “stress” test. This process is like measuring how much water is in a barrel and how fast we can get it out. If your battery doesn’t perform up to standards on either test, that means some or all of the individual battery modules will need to be replaced or re-balanced—a process to bring all the cells in the battery to the same performance level. At that point, we’d remove the battery from the vehicle and rebalance (recondition) or rebuild it on the bench.
  • Hybrid Battery Charger: If your battery does need to be reconditioned, we will use this machine to recharge the battery before re-installing it in your car. Nickel Metal Hydride (NMHI) Batteries, used in most hybrids, require unique multi-sequence discharging and recharging procedures. This is not the same battery charger bought online or in big box stores for $25. The process is controlled by a laptop running proprietary software. Equipment costs alone are more than $1,000.
  • Flir Thermal Imaging Device: This measures the temperature of each module within the battery. Maintaining proper temperatures is critical during the operation of your hybrid and when servicing the battery pack. When modules overheat, they leak electrolyte, and there will be less fluid remaining to keep the module at the proper temperature. This is one of several methods we can use to identify modules that needs to be replaced instead o just re-balanced.
  • PicoScope: This is a lab scope to test a variety of hybrid components.
  • All-Test Pro 33: This is another device used to test the three-phase electric motors that are used in hybrid cars.

Have any questions about how CARS of America can serve you and your hybrid vehicle? Contact us today.

Test a variety of hybrid components | Cars Of America, IncThe PicoScope is a lab scope used to test a variety of hybrid components.
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