Package Includes: Full-service synthetic oil change, inspect washer operation & replace front wiper blades ... [More] for spring and summer, test air conditioning including radiator and condenser, test window operation.
Also inspect: brakes, tire age, tread depth & pressure, test battery, inspect exterior lights operation, inspect belts, hoses, suspension and fluid condition including ozone disinfection, exterior wash, and complimentary pick-up & delivery with courtesy loaner or shuttle where needed
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At CARS of America, we can condition your battery to the tune of big-dollar savings

Drive your hybrid long enough, and you’ll likely face a failing hybrid battery. Until recently, the only option has been to pay a small fortune to have the car dealer install a new battery for you.

But now, at CARS of America, we can:

  • Test the condition or “health” of your hybrid battery so you know if it’s in good shape or in need of some help. You no longer have to remain in the dark, wondering how much longer your battery might last.
  • Rebuild or condition your hybrid battery instead of replacing it. This can save you thousands of dollars compared to having the dealer install a new one, and you’ll be doing the environment a favor by keeping an existing battery in service (instead of replacing it and discarding the old one).

At CARS, we can rebuild any nickel-metal hydride (NiMh) battery, which is what helps to power the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight. (Sorry, Tesla owners. We can’t rebuild the batteries in your vehicles—yet.)

Our hybrid specialty and battery rebuilding equipment has arrived, and ASE-Certified Master Technician Mick W. has completed specialty hybrid training.

Hybrid battery stress test machine | Cars Of America, IncWe use this machine to “stress test” your hybrid battery. This will help us determine if its in good health, needs to be reconditioned or rebuilt.
Recondition hybrid battery | Cars Of America, IncYou can save a ton of money when CARS of America rebuilds or reconditions your hybrid battery instead of replacing it.

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