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How do I know if I need new tires?

How long tires last depends on the quality of the tire, the type of tire and the type of driving you do. The lifepan of a tire is shortened if you drive on underinflated tires or if the wheels are out of alignment.

Signs that your tires are worn:

  • Tire tread is low across each tire. Insert a quarter (Washington’s head facing down) into the tread. If part of Washington’s head is not always covered by the tread, you don’t have enough tire tread.
  • Tire tread wear is uneven and one or more individual treads are severely worn.
  • Cracks in the sidewalls.
  • Bulges in the tire.

Safety risks if you’re driving on tires with any of these signs:

  • The car takes longer to stop, increasing your risk of an accident.
  • Reduced control on snowy or wet roads, increasing the risk of an accident.
  • You could be stranded due to a flat tire.
  • A tire blow out, causing you to lose control of your car.

How do I know if I need a wheel alignment or a tire balance?

Signs that your wheels needs to be realigned:

  • There’s uneven tire wear.
  • Your car drifts or pulls to one side when you’re driving straight.
  • The steering wheel is crooked, even when you’re driving straight.

Signs that your wheels need to be rebalanced:

  • There’s a vibration from the wheels, usually on the highway, that goes away when you drop below or accelerate above a certain speed range.
  • There’s uneven tire wear.

Safety risks if your wheels are out of alignment or out of balance:

  • Premature wear and tear on the tires. This can lead to tire failure.
  • Vehicle won’t handle as well, especially at highway speeds. In extreme cases, this increases your risk of an accident.
  • Excessive strain or wear on your braking, steering and suspension parts.

Why should I choose CARS for new tires or a wheel alignment?

When you buy a set of four tires at CARS of America, you’ll receive:

  • Free lifetime tire rotations.
  • Free tire repairs. *
  • Free annual wheel alignment inspections.

Still not convinced? Consider this:

  • We’ll recommend tires based on your needs, not ours. Because we order our tires locally from multiple sources, we do not need to stock any inventory. This means, we can focus on selling you the right tire for your vehicle, driving habits and long-term plans for your car—versus worrying about clearing out the warehouse or selling you what’s on sale this month.
  • An ASE-Certified Technician completes the work. You’d be surprised how easy it is for an entry-level technician—who’s under the gun to install several sets of tires every day—to forget to reset your Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) or to overlook a spot of dirt on a rim that leads to a slow leak. At CARS, our ASE-Certified Technicians take the time to properly install the new tires, including cleaning the rims thoroughly, installing tire valves carefully and balancing the wheels properly.
  • We take the time to listen to your needs, answer your questions and work within your budget. We believe you’re looking for honesty, integrity and reliability in an automotive repair center. At CARS of America in Glenview and Evanston, we earn your trust by taking the time to explain why you need new tires and recommend different options that work best for you.

CARS of America is committed to earning your trust!

We know that to earn and keep your business, we must provide helpful service, inspire confidence, make you feel protected from dishonest business practices and value you as our customer. That’s why you will drive home with a lifetime auto repair warranty.