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It's October - Time to Start Prepping Your Car for Winter!

Time to Start Prepping Your Car for Winter



As we welcome October, it is finally beginning to feel like fall. The 80 degree days are behind us (hopefully), and it is time to start bundling up and enjoying a nice warm drink near the fire.


Although it may seem to be a little early to be talking about winter, when it comes to you car, October is the perfect month to make sure you have everything in place to ensure that your vehicle keeps you warm and safe.


Tires are the one of the most important parts of your car. Without them, your car would not be able to get very far - or go anywhere for that matter. It is crucial that your car has tires on it that have enough traction to drive smoother and safer throughout slippery conditions. It is recommended that these tires have a tread of 5/32” for maximum traction.


In addition to having the appropriate tires, you need to have your brakes tested to ensure they are functioning properly! This is not only necessary in the winter, but all year round. Failed brakes could lead to horrible things, even if you do not notice an immediate problem, it is best to get them checked out as a preventative measure.


You don’t want to find yourself stranded on the side of the road due to your battery failing. It’s cold out there! If your battery is more than 3 years old, get it tested. Batteries normally do not give you a warning before they go out.


Nothing is worse than finding out your heater/defroster is not working in the dead of winter. As the days get colder in October, utilize the heat a few times in your vehicle to make sure that it is working properly. You do not want to be left with any ‘frozen’ surprises come the first snowfall!

Trade your wiper blades in for winter blades! Snow and ice builds up on your wipers and can cause a few issues. Sometimes they are frozen and unable to move, thus not allowing you to have clear vision and potentially put you in an unsafe situation. Winter blades have tougher rubber and better traction to get even the toughest ice and snow off of our windshield. Also, these blades are able to be propped out to prevent them from getting iced down.

Chicago winters can be tough, but not when you are properly prepared. By making sure you have done the things listed above, you can be sure that your car will keep you safe and warm this winter!


Stop into CARS of America today and let us help you get your car winter ready!




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