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It's not easy being the customer, is it?

On Christmas day, my wife and I had to rush CiCi, one of our dogs, to an emergency veterinary hospital because she suddenly became ill.  Thankfully, she has recovered and is back to her favorite activities of counter-surfing and playing ball.

However, going through this experience made me remember how difficult it can be to have something unexpected happen and then wait for a diagnosis and an estimate of costs.

Here are three important things I was reminded of during our dog’s illness.  Although it was not a pleasant five days, I know it will help our team provide a better service experience to you.

  1. The experts need to remember to use  language that is easily understandable to people who do not share their expertise.
  2. An unplanned repair is stressful.  Estimates are helpful, but empathy is just as important.
  3. Listening is the best communication tool we have.

Our team works hard to provide excellent service, but a reminder of what it’s like to be on the customer side of the counter is a good thing.  Earning and keeping the client’s trust is the most important thing we do at CARS of America.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy new year to you and all your family members (2 & 4 legged).


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