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If Your Hybrid is Showing Any of These Signs Your Battery May Need Reconditioning...

Hybrid Battery

Being the owner of a hybrid vehicle, you may or may not know that the most important element “under the hood” - or in this case, in the trunk- is the hybrid battery. Up until a few years ago, your only option when that battery failed was to replace it with a brand new battery pack that could cost up to $3,500. Yes, we know your jaw just dropped when you read that price tag, ours did too!

We use this machine to “stress test” your hybrid battery. This will help us determine if its in good health, needs to be reconditioned or rebuilt.

If you find yourself with a failed hybrid battery, do not panic. Here at CARS of America, we can rebuild or recondition your hybrid battery for less than half the price of a new one and we guarantee it for 3 years. Check out our "stress test" machine we use to see if your hybrid battery is in good health (right). Now how’s that for some serious cost savings?

But, how will you know if your hybrid battery needs to be reconditioned or rebalanced? Here are four tell-tale signs:

1. The gasoline engine kicks on more often than it used to. When the battery is depleted or tired, the electric motor doesn’t have the power to keep the car functioning normally. The vehicle compensates for that by running the gasoline engine more often.

2. The fuel economy drops by 4 to 5 mpg. When your vehicle is running with the gasoline engine more often, that means the electric motor isn’t running as much. This leads to the car using more fuel and in turn making a significant impact on the vehicle’s fuel economy.

3. The vehicle is not accelerating like it used to.  Aweak battery indicates a weak car. If you are noticing it is taking longer than usual for your car to accelerate, it is likely that your battery needs to be reconditioned.

4. The “battery power available” bar graph is only showing 1 or 2 bars instead of 5 or 6.  When the car is new, the battery is in peak condition. This means that the bar graph will show 5 or 6 full bars when you’re accelerating on the highway. When the battery is weaker, less bars will show up.

If your hybrid is showing any of the signs mentioned above, call the hybrid vehicle specialists at CARS of America. We have two convenient Chicagoland locations in Glenview and Evanston. We are happy to answer any of your questions or schedule a battery “health check” for your hybrid!


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