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How to save 66% on annual cost of Vehicle ownership

                     How to save 66% on the annual cost of ownership of your vehicle!

You can lower your annual vehicle cost of ownership by 66% without filling your own tires or changing your own oil. By following the method outlined in the  University of Michigan's report titled Report No. CSS04-01 which can be found at


 Warning! this report is 94 really dry and boring pages. The good stuff is on pgs. 21 & 22 and 32 & 33

Executive summary:

In the Uof M's study example a 2000 model year, generic sedan cost $20,000 to buy and cost $5,300 per year for depreciation, taxes and fees 

  • If we jump forward to 2020, an average-priced 2020 model vehicle costs $38,000, plus, in Cook county, $3,800 sales  plus dealer fees etc. Using the depreciation percentages listed on the  schedule on page 21 of the study, a $38,000 vehicle looses $29,000 in the first 5 years plus more that $3,800 in tax and fees, or approx $6,700 per year for the first five years. You can avoid losing $6,300 per year f by buying or keeping  that five year old used vehicle instead of selling it.
  • At about ten years old, large failures start happening on your used vehicle purchase, like engines and transmissions
  • So, the bottom line is; buy or keep a five year old, used vehicle, with fifty to seventy five thousand miles on it, well maintained, as evidenced by its service history andBring it to us for a pre-purchase inspection. . We guarantee that we will save you double the inspection cost on the purchase price, plus the peace of mind knowing you didn't buy the used car from hell.



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