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How Much Do We Love Our Cars? Let Us Count the Ways

How Much Do We Love Our Cars?

It’s a cliche to say that we Americans love our cars. But just because something is a cliche doesn’t mean it isn’t 100 percent true. We do love our cars!

Why, though? Well, cars mean freedom for a lot of us. What’s better than grabbing your keys and jumping behind the wheel to take off on the spur of the moment--on a road trip to a famous location, to visit an old friend, or just to pick up some late-night munchies?

To a lot of Americans, our cars reflect our personalities. And why not? Most of us spend an awful lot of time behind the wheel. Why not take the time to figure out exactly what kind of vehicle both meets our needs and tells the world, “Hey, world, here I am!”

What do different types of cars say about their owners? Pickup truck drivers tend to be hardworking and no-nonsense. People drive hybrids both to save money on gas and because they care about the environment. Drivers of sports cars like to feel powerful and attractive. Do you know someone who drives a luxury vehicle yet has to cut back in other ways to afford it--that is, someone who wants to drive a “rich-person” car even though they are far from wealthy? Not everybody agrees that their car tells the world anything about them. But think about it: if you drive an old beater or deliberately go for the stripped-down vehicles, doesn’t that tell the world that you’re practical and don’t need the world to approve of your choices?

Okay, so maybe you really don’t care what your car might signal about you to others. You drive the car that can best get you from point A to point B with a minimum of expense and bother. Still, most people want to enjoy the time they spend driving. From satellite radio to GPS with real-time traffic updates to dashboard cameras to heated seats to the next big innovation, cars can almost feel like cocoons of comfort and convenience. Innovations in engineering are some of the reasons we love our cars!

Some people love their cars because of their history, like those who collect and restore classic cars from the 1950s like the Thunderbird or Corvette; the 1960s (the Ford Mustang); the 1970s (the Pontiac Firebird, the Chevrolet El Camino). And on into the future (and the past.) Other folks don’t get the appeal of classic cars. These people are always looking for the next big thing. Others put less emphasis on the stylishness of cars and instead look for a vehicle that is, first and foremost, safe, affordable, and reliable.

Of course, as automakers continue to innovate and design cars into the 21st century, cars are becoming safer and more reliable as well as more stylish and technologically impressive. Maybe that’s the true reason we Americans love our cars: because they just keep getting better and better.

No matter what kind of car you drive, it’s always a good idea to have your car checked out to be sure you and your friends and family will be safe on the roads around Glenview and Evanston. Cars of America would be glad to have your business. At CARS, you'll find friendly, top-notch professionals who deliver quality auto repair at affordable prices. We stand behind our repairs with a lifetime warranty. You’re welcome to stop by Cars of America in Glenview or Evanston, or visit us online at https://www.carsofamericainc.com/.


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