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If you enjoy reading about cars and other related topics, we’d love to share our Auto Care Blog with you. At CARS of America, Inc., our highly trained auto mechanics deliver the very best in auto repair services through our two locations in Glenview and Evanston. One way we accomplish that is in the time we take to help educate our customers so they feel confident making auto repair decisions. Our Auto Care Blog is just one way we meet that goal. Let us know if there’s a topic you’d like to hear more about!



Sorted by Category: Preventive Maintenance

  • 4 Timely Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Safe This Winter

    Thursday 02 November 2017

    Some timely tips that fall into the category "why make life more difficult than it is already"Tip #1 - Most vehicles are equipped with a 5-year battery. Most replacement batteries are 5-year batteries. Unless you have a definite plan to replace the vehicle in the near future, if your battery is 5 years old, we highly recommend replacing it proactively to prevent a break down and to avoid stressing the alternator. There are several reasons why... read more

  • Transmission repair and maintenance FAQs

    Saturday 19 November 2016

    We answer your frequently asked questions about transmission fluid service and more. Transmission fluid is one of those aspects of vehicle care that comes with a lot of question marks. We get it: Given that the average transmission contains 30,000 individual parts, it can be tricky to keep track. That’s why we’ve assembled a few of our most frequently asked questions below... read more

  • Not sure if you need a transmission or brake fluid flush? At CARS, we can test so you know for sure

    Tuesday 04 October 2016

    At CARS of America, we can test your brake, transmission, power steering and differential fluids so we know for certain when they need to be changed. One of the challenges of modern day auto service is striking a balance between recommending preventive maintenance that saves you money in the long run and advising you to spend money on maintenance before it’s truly needed. After all... read more

  • Get your car ready for spring with our 6-point checklist

    Thursday 10 March 2016

    Glad to have waved winter goodbye? Us, too. Funny thing is, though, the snowy season has a way of lingering past its expiration date when it comes to long-term effects on your car. Frigid temperatures, potholes, road salt and more conspire to do a number on your vehicle. Some of the casualties caused by wintry conditions are wheels knocked out of alignment or damaged shocks, struts and other suspension-system parts. And there’s more where that came from... read more

  • Headlight restoration enhances nighttime driving

    Friday 11 September 2015

    Dull, cloudy, hazy or dim? Would you use these words to describe your headlights when driving at night? Then, it might be time to consider bringing your car in for headlight restoration. Dingy or dull lenses happen when the UV coating on headlamps absorb sunlight. The lenses get damaged over time and slowly deteriorate, especially on cars parked outside or in sunny climates. ... read more

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