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If you enjoy reading about cars and other related topics, we’d love to share our Auto Care Blog with you. At CARS of America, Inc., our highly trained auto mechanics deliver the very best in auto repair services through our two locations in Glenview and Evanston. One way we accomplish that is in the time we take to help educate our customers so they feel confident making auto repair decisions. Our Auto Care Blog is just one way we meet that goal. Let us know if there’s a topic you’d like to hear more about!



Sorted by Category: Cabin Air Filter

  • The Dirty Truth About Your Car's Cabin Air Filter and Magnesium Chloride

    Monday 08 January 2018

      I recently spent the day in the Glenview store helping on the phones - I should say helping check tire pressure. With the advent of tire pressure monitoring systems and self service gas, about the only time that tire pressure gets checked is with an oil service. With the longer intervals and peoples' tendency to go even longer than the longer recommended interval, as soon as it gets real cold, we have one person checking air pressure just about all day long. Almost every vehicle... read more

  • Breathe easier! Replace your cabin air filter

    Friday 22 January 2016

    Running your home’s furnace filter non-stop and cold temperatures can have drying effects that cause winter wheeze. If it’s overdue for a cabin air filter change, your car also could be a culprit. The cabin air filter cleans air going into a vehicle’s interior through the ventilation, heating and air-conditioning systems. It catches pollen, dust and other contaminants to ensure a healthier interior atmosphere. The cabin air filter is pa... read more

  • What's that light mean? Clogged air filter triggers this dashboard light

    Monday 14 January 2013

    There are a number of dashboard warning lights in your vehicle that can pop on at any minute. Everyone knows what the oil light and battery light are for, but a lot of others are puzzling and require pulling out the owners’ manual. To help make things a little more clear, we take time each month to look at the different lights and what they stand for. This month, we’re highlighting the symbol that indicates a clogged air filter. It means your car’s engine air filter needs to be... read more

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