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Are drugstore reading glasses like quick oil change stations?

Yes, here’s why

This is what I was thinking about when I was sitting in the doctor’s waiting room for my annual eye exam.  I started thinking about how reading glasses from the drugstore, aka “cheaters”, are similar to quick oil change stations.  Here’s why I think they are similar.

  1. Cheaters are convenient.  It’s easier to pick up a pair while you’re shopping rather than set an appointment for an eye exam.  But, you can’t replace a good eye exam with a pair of cheaters. Annual eye examinations check your vision and the health of your eyes. Did you know that diseases such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, hypertension and rheumatoid arthritis can be caught early by an eye exam? Similarly, it requires an experienced, ASE-certified technician to identify any repairs needed or perform necessary preventive maintenance other than an oil change. Did you know that CARS of America does a thorough inspection on every vehicle that comes in for an oil change to identify repair issues and preventive maintenance needs?  Some of the quick oil change stations may promote inspections, but they usually only inspect things that they can provide services for. We may take a little longer to do your oil change, but that’s because we are doing more for you during that time.
  2. Cheaters are a quick solution to an immediate need, reading things close-up when your vision is blurry. Nothing more. An oil change at an oil change station is a quick solution to the immediate need to keep your car’s engine lubricated. But, there isn’t a thorough inspection of your vehicle’s overall condition or identification of safety issues.
  3. Cheaters are cheap.  But cheap in the short term does not equal long term cost savings.  If your brakes go out while driving or your battery dies, leaving you stranded, you are going to spend extra money for that tow truck and your loss of time.Both of these things could easily be prevented by having your car regularly inspected when you come in for an oil change at CARS of America. Furthermore, our oil change prices are comparable to the quick oil change stations!

So, the next time you drive by that quick oil change station and think it is less expensive, more convenient, or the same service, think again.



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