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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Electric car kicks butt in drag race

As the saying goes, "Different strokes for different folks". At last count there were over 100 models of Hybrid-Electric vehicles available for sale by major manufacturers, four million registered in the US, and eighty-five thousand within twenty-five miles of Glenview. When asked, most Hybrid Owners owners state that "they love their car", for several different reasons; most often mentioned is the lower cost of ownership. As recently reported  in a study published by Repair Pal, an online automotive service referral service, the top three, least expensive vehicles to maintain, were Hybrid-Electric. In all reality, the full Electric cars, like Tesla, Bolt, Leaf  and Kia Soul  EV, are even less expensive to operate than the Hybrid Electric. More on that in future blogs. My main point in this blog is to point out that another reason mentioned is; that many of the Hybrid and Electric cars are just plain Fun To Dr ... read more


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