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Monthly Archives: January 2021

Community Giving

CARS of America, Inc. feels a responsibility to give back to the communities that trust us with their auto repair needs. Our shop in Glenview is home to ASE-Certified auto mechanics that care about more than our bottom line; our entire team cares about issues that are bigger than ourselves. That’s why we regularly donate to the Northfield Food Pantry, Marylou’s Place (an Evanston shelter for victims of domestic violence), and Selah Freedom (an organization that helps victims of sex trafficking). Below you will find more information regarding these 3 amazing groups.  Northfield Food Pantry  Most Needed Items: Canned mixed vegetables Canned tomatoes Plain rice (1-2 LB. packages) Pancake/waffle mix Soup Jelly/jams/preserves Shop our Most Needed List on Amazon Use this l ... read more

Why is it important to have my brake fluid Serviced every two years?

Why is it important to have my brake fluid Serviced every two years?

  Many clients ask us, "Why is it important to have my brake fluid Serviced every two years?   The reason is two-fold.    First, Brake fluid is Hygroscopic, a fancy word for "it tends to absorb moisture from the air."  Why is that important?  Your brakes are frequently referred to as "hydraulic Brakes"  In the early 20th century, brakes were mechanical, consisting of cables, levers, and other things. All that stuff was exposed to the weather, tended to get rusty, and stop working. Your bicycle has mechanical brakes, with cables and actuators.   Hydraulic brakes are more efficient, provide the ability to "leverage" the foot pressure to apply more brakes when needed. Think of hydraulic brakes like a tube of toothpaste. You step on the tube and caulking squirts out of the nozzle. Hydraulic brakes work the same way; you step on the pedal, and fluid is forced to all four wheels simultaneous ... read more


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