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Monthly Archives: December 2020

Is Your Car Going Through A lot of Coolant?

What Is Coolant, And Why Is My Car Going Through So Much Of It? What is coolant, and why is your car going through so much of it? To say that coolant is an essential fluid in your vehicle is an understatement. Without it, a number of your vehicle's components can overheat and destroy your engine. If you start to notice coolant on the ground where you have parked, or find yourself consistently needing to add additional coolant to the engine, there is a good chance you have a coolant leak. The cooling system of today's vehicles is complex and travels throughout the engine. There are a great number of different places within the system that a leak can occur. This can make diagnosing the problem tricky. Below is additional information about the most common causes of a coolant leak and how these issues can be resolved. The highly trained and experienced technicians at CARS of America can quickly locate and repair a coolant leak in your vehicle, in turn protect ... read more

Why are Tire Rotations Important?

Why are Tire Rotations Important?

Understanding the Importance of Tire Rotations A critical component in your vehicle’s health, performance, and efficiency is getting regular tire rotation service. Why in the world should I worry about a tire rotation? Well, the ASE-Certified auto mechanics at CARS of America, Inc. know auto repair and that whether you’re in Glenview or the surrounding area, it’s important to the life of your tires to do just that. CARS of America, Inc. is committed to prolonging the life of your tires, and that’s why we recommend a regular schedule when it comes to tire rotation. What is a tire rotation? A tire rotation is when your vehicle's tires are moved from their current position on the vehicle to another. The front tires will move to the rear, and the rear tires will move to the front. The tires are typically put back on the vehicle in a cross-diagonal direction, meaning they also change sides. Your vehicle carries more weight at the front, so fr ... read more

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