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If you enjoy reading about cars and other related topics, we’d love to share our Auto Care Blog with you. At CARS of America, Inc., our highly trained auto mechanics deliver the very best in auto repair services through our two locations in Glenview and Evanston. One way we accomplish that is in the time we take to help educate our customers so they feel confident making auto repair decisions. Our Auto Care Blog is just one way we meet that goal. Let us know if there’s a topic you’d like to hear more about!



Sorted by Archive: June, 2016 ( 4 post/s)

  • Toyota Prius Maintenance Tip: Vacuum out the dog hair regularly

    Thursday 16 June 2016

    What does vacuuming your Toyota Prius or Camry hybrid have to do with maintaining the car? Here’s the deal: The air intake vent for the battery cooling system is in the backseat where the right rear door meets the pillar post. Any dog hair, cottonwood fuzz and even your kids’ gummy bears can get sucked into the vent and then pushed through t... read more

  • 4 signs your hybrid battery needs to be reconditioned or rebalanced

    Thursday 16 June 2016

    We use this machine to “stress test” your hybrid battery. This will help us determine if its in good health, needs to be reconditioned or rebuilt. When you own a hybrid car or truck, one of the most important elements “unde... read more

  • To buy or not to buy: What are the real costs of buying a new car?

    Tuesday 07 June 2016

    Owners of older cars often enjoy immense satisfaction in not having to shell out the bucks every month for a car payment. On the other hand, as the car ages, the uncertainty surrounding “what will conk next?” can sometimes burst that no-more-payments bubble. Conversely, the new car driver knows s/he’s facing plenty of debt, but also realizes that new car is far less likely to break down. Are you wondering whether you should repair your current vehicle or cough up the siz... read more

  • Hybrid Car Maintenance Tip No 2: CARS can save you money by repairing, not replacing, the transmission

    Wednesday 01 June 2016

    The PicoScope is one of the pieces of equipment we use to test transmission/transaxle on a hybrid vehicle. The “transmission” in your hybrid vehicle barely resembles a conventional automatic transmission. It contains an electric motor and a few gears to connect the internal combustion engine and the electric motor to the wheels. It also contains an electri... read more

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