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An Auto Repair Shop that LOVES to Recycle? Tell Me More...


Here at CARS of America being “green” is something we practice daily in both our Glenview and Evanston locations. Our goal is to not only help the Earth, but to improve everyone’s health while helping you save money!

There are a variety of things we do to be Earth-friendly, here are a few: 

We use waste oil heaters. These EPA-approved units allow us to burn engine oil and transmission, differential, transfer case and brake fluid to heat our facilities. By burning the oil the chances of oil leaking or spilling while being transported to a recycling facility are reduced. It also helps us decrease our carbon footprint and dependence on virgin fossil fuel.

We recycle fluids such as brake fluid and coolant, metal such as exhaust pipes and wheel bearings, and all the tires we collect when we install new ones. By recycling these materials we are able to save 74% more energy as it takes much less energy to use recycle steel. We are also able to help create new playgrounds, generate fuel and even hot melt in asphalt with all of the tires we collect each year. 

Since recycling is so important to us, we work with outside companies that recycle. All of our uniforms, shop towels and fender covers are laundered by an industrial garment vendor that recycles the cleaning fluids.

We offer remanufactured auto parts. These parts are virtually indistinguishable from a new part. The best part is that they cost 25-50 percent less than domestically made new replacement parts. So while the production of these remanufactured parts is reducing the use of raw materials, air pollution, energy and landfill space, we save you money on parts that you need for your vehicle. It’s a win-win for everyone! 

Interested in experiencing and partaking in our green efforts? Schedule an appointment today!

We look forward to helping the Earth with you.

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