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  • 5 Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Spring

    Wednesday 21 March 2018

    It is officially spring! After a long and cold winter, we are ready to be met with the warm sunshine and budding flowers that the springtime brings us. Despite temperatures still hanging out in the 30s, it is time to get a jumpstart on spring cleaning. Our homes aren’t the only thing in need of some spring cleaning - our vehicles are too! Cars experience a lot of wear and tear during the harsh winter months so it’s only fair that we give them a little TLC when the weather clears up... read more

  • If Your Hybrid is Showing Any of These Signs Your Battery May Need Reconditioning...

    Wednesday 07 March 2018

    Being the owner of a hybrid vehicle, you may or may not know that the most important element “under the hood” - or in this case, in the trunk- is the hybrid battery. Up until a few years ago, your only option when that battery failed was to replace it with a brand new battery pack that could cost up to $3,500. Yes, we know your jaw just dropped when you read that price tag, ours did too! If you find yourself with a failed hybrid battery, do not panic. Here at CARS of America, we... read more

  • Can you Repair a Car That's Been Flooded?

    Thursday 22 February 2018

    With the recent storms leaving many Chicagoland neighborhoods underwater, there have been many questions and concerns regarding how to salvage an automobile that has been immersed in flood waters. Better yet, is a vehicle even salvagable after it's been soaking in water.This article from Popular Mechanics says it a... read more

  • Help!

    Friday 09 February 2018

                                                        The auto repair business is historically slow from January 15th until March 1st. If you help us fill our bays, we will help you ...Save Money. If you have  existing recommendations, 15% to 20% off. ask about details. Got a concern?  No problem. 10% off all concern solutions. Mention that you saw the... read more

  • 5 Valentine's Day Gifts Every Car Lover Needs

    Wednesday 07 February 2018

      With Valentine’s Day less than a week away, you may be scrambling to get your loved one the perfect gift. Ditch the cliché cards, flowers and chocolates and get your partner something they will really enjoy - a brand new car! JUST KIDDING, that is one hefty investment many cannot afford to make for a small Hallmark holiday. Instead, get your car lover something else they will enjoy, here are some ideas: 1) A New Snow Brush It is no secret tha... read more