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5 Valentine's Day Gifts Every Car Lover Needs


5 Valentines Day Gifts Every Car Lover Needs

With Valentine’s Day less than a week away, you may be scrambling to get your loved one the perfect gift. Ditch the cliché cards, flowers and chocolates and get your partner something they will really enjoy - a brand new car! JUST KIDDING, that is one hefty investment many cannot afford to make for a small Hallmark holiday. Instead, get your car lover something else they will enjoy, here are some ideas:

1) A New Snow Brush
It is no secret that here in the Midwest we can get snow all the way through April. Why not get them that fancy snow brush they saw in a magazine and mentioned would be “cool” to have but never actually went out and got it for themselves. BONUS GIFT: Wipe their car off in the morning with their new snow brush and you will be sure to put a giant smile on their face (that is, if there is snow where you are living).
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2) A Car Wash
If your partner loves cars, then keeping their car shiny and clean is important to them. Surprise them by washing their car for them (if you live in a warmer state, this one is for you) or by giving them a gift card to their favorite car wash to cover a wash or two. 


3) Satellite radio subscription
Does your partner have a long commute to and from work? On average, radio stations play the most advertisements between 6am and 10am and 4pm and 6pm because they know that is when most people are commuting to and from work. Let your partner enjoy a ride full of their favorite music, comedy station or talk show without being interrupted by ads. 
4) An Oil Change
Your car lover is likely on top of his or her maintenance routine, so pre-paying for an oil change at their favorite auto repair shop is a perfect gift! It’s a gift they will likely never forget and it will be nice come time for their next oil change to have a little extra money in their pocket to spend on a night out with you. Now that’s a win-win!
5) New Car Part(s)
Maybe your partner has been talking about those new rims they want for their car but can’t afford them right now. Depending on what they want, the price and what you can afford, either purchase them for them or give them some money to put towards them. They will be appreciative you support their likes and hobbies and you may even learn a thing or 2 about cars during the process.

Did any of these gift ideas spark your interest? Let us know if you got your car lover any of these items as a gift on our Facebook Page. Happy Valentine’s Day! 


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