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5 Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Spring

5 Tips for spring

It is officially spring! After a long and cold winter, we are ready to be met with the warm sunshine and budding flowers that the springtime brings us. Despite temperatures still hanging out in the 30s, it is time to get a jumpstart on spring cleaning.

Our homes aren’t the only thing in need of some spring cleaning - our vehicles are too! Cars experience a lot of wear and tear during the harsh winter months so it’s only fair that we give them a little TLC when the weather clears up. 

Here are 5 tips to help get your car ready for the spring:

1) Clean Out the Trunk

Now some people may not use their trunk as a place to store things, and others do. If you are one of the latter, then this tip is for you. Get a big empty box and a garbage bag and go to your trunk. Begin to sort through the things that you want to keep and put them into the box. Any garbage or things you want to throw out go into the trash bag. After you have done that, be sure to vacuum out your trunk and clean up any spills or stains that have occurred. Once you have done all that, go through the box and see what things need to be kept in the car and what things can be stored somewhere else. You will be amazed at just how clean and organized your trunk is after this. 

2) Get Ready to Detail

During the winter months the exterior isn’t the only thing that suffers as a result of harsh conditions, the interior does too. From salt covered floor mats to empty Starbucks (or Dunkin’) coffee cups sitting on the floor of the backseat, your car is in some serious need of a detail. Get a trash bag, or use the same one you used for the trunk, and begin to remove all garbage from the car. Take out the salt covered floor mats and lay them on the ground. You are going to want to clean the floor mats with some soap and water or at the very least, hose them off with some water and let them dry. If you have leather seats, be sure to go over them with leather cleaner. If you have fabric seats, be sure to use fabric cleaner on them and work out any stains that may have occurred. If your car smells musty, use some Febreze (if you have fabric interior) or get a new air freshener. Lastly, vacuum out the crumbs and left over salt particles. Don't forget to clean the inside of the windows with glass cleaner!

Get ready for spring

3) Workin’ at the Car Wash, Yeah…

Ok, so now that you have the song stuck in your head, it is time to get to washing! Give your car a nice car wash to get all the remaining salt (even if you can’t see it) off of the exterior and get it to feeling brand new. If you don’t have time or are not much of a car washing person, then you can always take your car into the local car wash and jam out to the song while you go through.

4) Switch Out the Snow Tires

It’s time to get some regular ole tires back on your automobile. Did you know that leaving winter tires on your car all year round it can cause some serious damage and make them not properly functional for snowy and icy conditions? It is best practice to get your tires switched over in the end of March or beginning of April. You can bring your car into your nearest CARS of America location and we will get those tires switched over for you in no time! 

5) Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance…

If you brought your car in to switch out the tires, the mechanics did a basic check of your car and will have uncovered any potential problems at that time. This tip is for those of you without snow tires. We know you are probably sick of hearing about bringing your car in for maintenance, or you may wonder why it is necessary when you have went ahead and done steps one through three. Having regular maintenance performed on your vehicle ensures that you do not develop problems later on down the road. It is a great habit to get into at the end of every winter to bring your car in. Remember, spending a little money on maintenance now can save your thousands later in car failure. 

Need help getting your car back into tip top shape for the spring? Stop by one of our locations in either Glenview or Evanston and get your car on the road to feelin’ springtime fine.



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