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Stop! How bargain brakes often cost your more down the road

Brakes are central to a vehicle’s safety, yet many drivers let misinformed frugality grab the steering wheel when it comes to maintaining or repairing this essential automotive system. In our continuing series on bargain pricing vs. true value, this month we look at brake service. And while an $89.99 brake job might seem like a real bargain, it often winds up being a costlier proposition in the long run. How? Central to the problem is the tendency for the bargain-focused guys to use the cheapest parts available, which wear out faster. This means you’re paying to redo pads and rotors more often, which ultimately costs more money than paying a little more initially for a quality job — one that often lasts twice as long. The budget myth These “budget” brake jobs aren’t quiet, either. They squeal and squeak while leaving unsightly excess brake dust on wheels and rims. By contrast, CARS’ approach is to use higher-quality part ... read more

Tempted by $19 oil changes in Glenview and Northbrook? Here's why ours is a true bargain

“You get what you pay for.” It’s about as tired a cliché as you’re likely to hear, but at the same time, it’s usually true. Take your typical oil change, for instance. You always can find a shop in Glenview or Northbrook advertising a cheaper oil change than our $35 version. But here at CARS, our oil changes are anything but typical. To better understand how and why our oil changes are truly better for you, let’s see how “ours” stack up against “theirs.” First, let’s look at who’s actually doing the oil change. For your money, you’ll often get a minimally trained high schooler or recent graduate. The tech probably knows how to change the oil and sell an air filter, but s/he simply isn’t trained or experienced enough to detect a ball joint that’s about to fall off the car or a suspension problem that’s chewing up your $200-a-pop tires. At CARS, a general service technician with a higher level of training performs every oil change and conducts a complete ... read more


Oil Change

New car under warranty? You're not bound to the dealer

With recent news that Detroit can’t keep pace with the demand for new cars, we thought it was a good time to remind everyone that you’re not required to use the dealer when your new car is under warranty. We know this is a common misconception because we often hear, “Oh, you guys are wonderful, but I bought a new car. I’ll be back as soon as the warranty is up.” If this were by choice, that would be one thing. We would be sad to lose them as clients for a few years, but we would understand. Sadly, however, too many consumers switch to the dealer because they believe they have to. Let us set the record straight: You are never required to use the dealer, even when the vehicle is under warranty. Most motorists want the ... read more


Car Ownership

The "s" word means it's time to winterize!

If you’ve watched the news lately, the weathermen already have begun uttering the “s” word. That’s that nasty four-letter word that Chicagoans have a love-hate relationship. The word “snow” conjures up more dread than the Bears losing to the Green Bay Packers or a month without a mouth-watering pizza from your favorite pizzeria. Okay, maybe it’s not that bad, but it comes awfully close. With vivid memories of last year’s record-setting blizzard still entrenched in our minds, now is the time to winterize our vehicles. Don’t be fooled by these lingering, sunny fall days. Old Man Winter will soon be taking up residence and raging his weather war for the next several…er…few months. Take steps now to maximize your car’s performance throughout the season that puts road warriors on the toughest obstacle course of the year: snow, sleet, ice and frigid temperatures. Here are six must-checks before winter begins:1. I ... read more

Help! Know when to pull over ASAP and when it's OK to continue on your way

Help! Know when to pull over ASAP and when it's OK to continue on your way

When most of us learned to drive, there were three dashboard indicators we needed to be aware of: the battery light, the engine temperature gauge and the oil light. And if the oil light came on, we knew it was serious and that we needed to pull over immediately. Today’s sophisticated cars light up like a holiday tree, and even experienced drivers can have trouble deciphering all of the warnings and notifications. (For some examples, see Car Warning Lights.) Now imagine you’re a college freshman on the way back to campus for the fall, and your dashboard lights up with an orange exclamation point flanked by two parentheses that look like a failed emoticon experiment. While the owner’s manual is handy at explaining what the light is for, it isn’t likely to help you decide whether you need to ... read more

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