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  • CARS of America is the Premier Choice for Auto Care

    Monday 20 November 2017

    We all rely on our cars. The things we do in a normal day would not be possible without them. That is why we stress the importance of regular maintenance to ensure everything is functioning properly. When it comes down to choosing an auto repair shop, you want one that offers outstanding customer service along with the highest quality work. All of them claim to be the best, but how do you know who truly is the best?   At CARS of America, we have no doubt that we are the pre... read more

  • Thanksgiving Hours

    Sunday 19 November 2017

    We will be closed Thursday 11/23 for staff to spend time with their  familes. We will be open our regular hours on Friday 11/24 from 7a until 6p. Happy Thanksgiving everyone

  • 4 Timely Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Safe This Winter

    Thursday 02 November 2017

    Some timely tips that fall into the category "why make life more difficult than it is already"Tip #1 - Most vehicles are equipped with a 5-year battery. Most replacement batteries are 5-year batteries. Unless you have a definite plan to replace the vehicle in the near future, if your battery is 5 years old, we highly recommend replacing it proactively to prevent a break down and to avoid stressing the alternator. There are several reasons why... read more

  • Urban Myth Busting - Hybrid-Electric Cars Need No Maintenance

    Thursday 19 October 2017

    Urban Myth Busting - Hybrid-Electric Cars Need No Maintenance False. However, it is not more or less false than the misleading information consumers have been getting from the new car manufacturers for the past 110 years or so.   There seems to be two schools of thought on performing Preventive Maintenance (PM) on anything mechanical, especially Hybrid Vehicles; people that do it, and those that do not. For a third-party opinion with no ulterior mo... read more

  • It's October - Time to Start Prepping Your Car for Winter!

    Thursday 05 October 2017

        As we welcome October, it is finally beginning to feel like fall. The 80 degree days are behind us (hopefully), and it is time to start bundling up and enjoying a nice warm drink near the fire.   Although it may seem to be a little early to be talking about winter, when it comes to you car, October is the perfect month to make sure you have everything in place to ensure that your vehicle keeps you warm and safe.   Tires are the one of the most important parts of yo... read more