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CARS of America, Inc. provides the best in auto repair services to the city of Glenview and it's surrounding areas. Our ASE-Certified auto mechanics are well trained with years of experience under their belts. And just to make sure you have total peace of mind when you leave your vehicle with us, we offer a transferable Lifetime Repair Warranty. CARS of America, Inc. has been servicing vehicles since 1972 and has built a solid reputation for quality auto repair services as well as an excellent customer service experience. Below is a list of most of our services, but if you don't see what you need, just give us a call! You won't find a friendlier, more professional, better-trained auto repair team than the folks at CARS of America, Inc. We have one convenient location at 1727 Chestnut Ave, Glenview, IL 60025. Stop by Mon - Fri: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM, or to make sure we can fit you in, give us a call or schedule an appointment online today.

Appearance & Glass

Auto Glass Repair

We’ve all been there—driving down the highway when some other car kicks up a small rock and bam—a small chip in the windshield. The annoyance of seeing it in your peripheral vision is nothing compared to what will happen if you don’t get it repaired.

Chips can quickly spider into major cracks that require the complete replacement of the windshield. Our technicians can quickly and effectively repair the chip and ensure the damage doesn’t spread, all without the need for complete replacement.

Of course, there are those cases where the crack spreads immediately, and there’s no chance of saving the windshield. You can call on CARS for windshield replacement, too.

So the next time you notice a chip in your windshield, don’t panic. CARS will help repair the damage or replace the glass without breaking your bank.

Auto Detailing

Remember when your car was brand new…shiny and spotless as you drove it off the lot? Fast forward through long work commutes, winter storms, and everyday wear and tear, and your car has probably seen better days. After all, cars are meant to be driven, not babied! Still, a little TLC can go a long way in bringing the sheen back to your car.

We know you take pride in your car, and we take pride in our work. Our meticulous and comprehensive exterior and interior detailing services include:

  • Buffing paint surfaces to remove scratches, grease, and grime.
  • Cleaning of all windows and door jams.
  • Restoring the shine back in any chrome trim, wheel rims, and tires.
  • Cleaning and conditioning the upholstery or leather repair, as well as all interior surfaces.
  • Shampooing carpets, floor mats, and trunk interiors.

Schedule an appointment for a detailing service, and let CARS bring your car back to its glory days!

Paintless Dent Repair

If you own a car, it’s going to get dings and dents at some point. From the unpredictable Chicago weather dropping golf-ball-sized hail to that shopping cart breaking free from the grocery store corral, there are plenty of opportunities for your car to sustain damage.

The good news is repairing those minor blemishes is easy, thanks to our trained technicians and a process called Paintless Dent Repair (PDR).

PDR requires patience and precision. The process begins with a thorough cleaning and inspection of the damaged area. The technician then uses special tools to find and reach behind each dent, gently coaxing it back to its original contour. Repairs are made without the use of paint or body fillers.

Stop by for a consultation, and let our experts restore your car’s surface back to its original shape.


Check Engine Light

There’s nothing more distracting than that little orange light giving you a constant, glowing reminder that you need to “check your engine.” But what does that mean?

It means that your engine’s primary computer has detected a problem that needs to be addressed. There are more than 1,400 issues that can trigger the light, and as tempting as it may be to pretend it’s not there, doing so can be detrimental. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that one failed component will cause the failure of another.

Oftentimes, a “Check Engine” light is accompanied by other signs, including:

  • An engine that cranks but doesn’t start (although this can also be a symptom of a starting system problem)
  • A car that hesitates or stalls
  • A dip in the car’s gas mileage
  • The engine idles erratically

That light can indicate a minor issue like a worn oxygen sensor or a major issue like a cylinder misfire. You often can’t tell because your vehicle’s computer systems excel at compensating to mask the symptoms.

When your light turns on, don’t hesitate to bring your car, truck or SUV into CARS. Our expert technicians will give your car a complete diagnostic test and evaluation to locate and repair the source of that annoying light before it turns into a glaring problem.

Heating and Air Conditioning

When you live in Chicagoland, you know the importance of a well-functioning heating and air conditioning (A/C) system. From brutally hot summers to blistery cold winters, Chicago’s weather extremes mean drivers depend on their cars to keep a comfortable, controlled climate, whether that means staying warm and toasty or icy chilled.

The symptoms of heating and A/C problems are pretty easy to detect and include:

  • The air conditioning won’t blow any cold air.
  • The air that is blowing is weak.
  • There is a strange odor in the system when you turn it on.
  • The car stalls or idles roughly when the A/C is on.
  • The heat won’t blow or there’s no hot air.
  • The windows fog up and won’t clear up.
  • The top and side vents or the defroster aren’t working.

Our team will check your car for loose belts and other signs of heating and A/C problems. If necessary, we’ll perform a dye injection leak test to identify any leaks you’re A/C system may have and evacuate and recharge as needed.

CARS will help you forget those extreme temps outside…at least while you’re in your car!

Electrical Problems

You’ve probably heard of your car’s alternator, but you might not realize that it’s among the components that keep your windshield wipers wiping, your radio playing and your power side mirrors and windows moving.

In fact, your car’s electrical system controls a number of your car’s components, many of which are crucial to the safety of you and your passengers. They include:

  • Airbag or SRS system
  • All dashboard warning or indicator lights
  • Battery
  • Climate controls
  • Headlights, taillights, interior lights, dashboard lights
  • Power steering (in some newer vehicles)
  • Radio/car stereo
  • Traction control system
  • Turn signals

If your alternator’s drive belt is loose or worn, it can cause a drain on your battery. And a failing alternator can affect your lights, also putting a strain on your battery, which supplies power to the starting system. Tell-tale signs of a poor alternator are a dead battery and dashboard warning lights. If you’re having these systems or other electrical gremlins, call CARS today.

We’ll check for worn belts, battery drain, intermittent connections, and failed electrical components, and we’ll put the spark back into your car’s electrical system.

Engine Repair

Your engine is the muscle of your car. It does the heavy lifting to get you where you need to go. Without it, your car is stuck at a standstill.

There are multiple symptoms that point to an engine that’s in need of repair or that’s overheated and risking a potential meltdown:

  • “Check Engine” or “Service Engine Soon” light is on (see our “Check Engine Light” listing)
  • The car hesitates or stalls
  • The gas mileage drops
  • The engine idles erratically
  • The temperature gauge is in the red zone
  • The temperature gauge never leaves the cold zone
  • The hoses are leaking or cracking
  • The coolant/antifreeze is leaking
  • There is steam emanating from under the hood
  • There are knocking noises from the engine
  • There are fluids leaks puddling beneath the car

If you’re experiencing any of these systems, our technicians will run comprehensive diagnostic tests that pinpoint the problem part, and we’ll have you back on the road in no time.

Emissions Repair

Bringing your car in for its emissions test is one of life’s little inconveniences, like getting your driver’s license renewed or going to the dentist. And fearing your car won’t pass just makes it worse. The best way to ensure your car passes the first time is keeping it properly maintained according to your car’s factory-recommended maintenance schedule.

If you do fail the test, don’t worry—CARS is here to help! We’ll conduct a comprehensive inspection to determine which part failed and replace it before running it through an extensive test to ensure it’s ready to be tested again.

But we won’t stop there. After your emissions repair, CARS will take your car to the emissions test lane for you, saving you time and a second trip. And this time, your car is guaranteed to pass!

Exhaust Systems

It’s pretty easy to tell when your exhaust system is out of whack—just listen and smell.

If you’re hearing loud rattling noises instead of your favorite tunes or smelling gas instead of that vanilla air freshener hanging from your rearview mirror, you’ve got a problem.

The main function of your exhaust system is to control and reduce the noise of the engine and direct exhaust fumes, pollutants, and dangerous gases away from your passengers and out of your car. Those gases aren’t just unpleasant; they can be downright dangerous, carrying harmful substances such as carbon monoxide into your car. And if your noisy muffler is piercing your ears, just imagine what it’s doing to those around you! We’ll help calm your senses by soothing your exhaust system. Our treatments include:

  • Diagnosing leaks and loud exhausts
  • Identifying rattles from underneath the car
  • Replacing the exhaust manifold
  • Replacing the muffler
  • Replacing the tailpipe

Four-Wheel Drive Systems

Four-wheel drive systems—also called 4X4 and all-wheel drive—provide road-hugging traction and better control on many surfaces, making them ideal for off-roading and towing. Unlike other cars, where only the front or rear wheels are powered, four-wheel-drive means all four wheels are powered and turn simultaneously.

But that rugged performance requires additional parts that take a beating. Common problems of four-wheel drive systems include fluid leaks, the four-wheel-drive not shifting into gear, or not working altogether.

But that rugged performance requires additional parts that take a beating. Common problems of four-wheel-drive systems include fluid leaks, the four-wheel-drive not shifting into gear, or not working altogether.

Whether you just need maintenance or have a 4×4 problem, we can flush and fill your system with fresh, clean fluid to ensure its peak performance or diagnose and repair the failure to get you back on—or off—the road.

Transmission Repair

Your transmission is like a mini-brain, an intricate system of gears that transmits power from your engine to your wheels and helps determine the rate of speed you travel. Your automatic transmission chooses which gears to engage based on the driving conditions and signals from the engine, and this big task means big trouble when it comes to transmission problems.

Problems often arise when regular service is ignored, particularly in automatic transmissions. Ongoing wear, fluids that haven’t been changed, and extreme heat generated by constant gear friction can all lead to major transmission problems that mean costly repairs. Warning signs include:

  • Your transmission warning light is on
  • Your transmission fluid is leaking
  • The clutch in your manual transmission is slipping
  • An automatic transmission that won’t go into gear
  • A manual transmission that won’t go into gear
  • Automatic transmission with a delayed shift

Preventive maintenance is the key to maintaining a healthy transmission. Let CARS take care of yours before problems arise. We’ll check and, if necessary, flush your transmission fluid and run comprehensive diagnostics to detect potential issues.

Safety Systems

There are few things you can control out there on the road. Erratic drivers, inclement weather, and animals darting in front of your car can all lead to situations where you and your passengers are put in harm’s way.

Out of all the parts and systems in your car, perhaps none concerns you more than your car’s safety systems. You rely on them to keep your precious cargo as safe as possible and to protect you in the event of an accident.

Sure, you can’t control what’s on the road, but with the help of our trained technicians, you can ensure your car is as safe as possible when you get on it. We’ll provide thorough inspections and quality repairs to your car’s many safety components, including :

  • Front airbags
  • Curtain/head airbags
  • Side airbags
  • Anti-lock brakes (ABS)
  • Anti-skid control
  • Traction control

One tip: If you notice your ABS or airbag warning light is on, bring your car in immediately. Those safety systems may have been disabled due to a malfunction, and therefore, won’t function during an accident. Let CARS provide the needed repairs, and we’ll even throw in some peace of mind…no charge!

Starting & Charging

You’re running late and dashing out the door … only to get in your car to hear the continuous whine of a car that won’t start.

Your alternator, starter, ignition, and battery are all vital components, affecting your car’s performance and, ultimately, its safety. If your car’s engine is cranking but not starting, not cranking at all, or requiring jump-starts, it's time to bring it into CARS.

Having your starting and charging system tested on a regular basis is a good idea because it often fails in stages. If your alternator fails, your battery will take over for a short period of time, leaving you unaware that there’s a problem. And your starter relies on your battery to get your car going, so it’s important that all are in good working order.

If you’re having an issue, not to worry. Our experts will pinpoint the exact problem, recommend only the necessary repairs, and get you back on the road in no time!


Automotive Preventive Maintenance

Just like preventive medicine, preventive maintenance can nip car problems in the bud, before they sprout into major problems. And we promise your car won’t feel a thing!

A good rule of thumb is to follow the factory-recommended maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual. Little things like checking your fluid levels on a regular basis and changing fluids and filters can make a big difference when it comes to the health of your car and its systems. Those simple steps can ensure the proper functioning and longevity of your car for years to come.

Some common preventive maintenance services include:

  • Mileage-specific services at 30,000, 60,000 and 90,000 miles
  • Changing air and fuel filters
  • Fluid flushes of the coolant, transmission, and power steering
  • Lube, oil, and filter changes
  • Tire balancing and rotations
  • Wheel alignments

Why wait for your car to start ailing before you bring it in? Take care of your car before the problems start, and you’ll spend less time in the shop and more time on the road.

Brake Repair / ABS Brakes

There’s nothing more frightening than feeling your breaks grind and pulse when you’re trying to come to a sudden stop on a busy street. Screeching brakes, a soft brake pedal, leaking brake fluid, and blinking ABS warning lights are just some of the warning signs that your brakes are struggling to stop.

Proper care of your braking system includes replacing worn shoes and pads, machining or replacing your rotors and drums, lubricating the caliper slides, and flushing your brake fluid.

The latter is more important than ever because most cars today have antilock brakes or ABS, which automatically pumps your brakes at rapid speeds to help you avoid “locking up” the brakes and skidding. The ABS motor that pumps the brakes is susceptible to dirt and moisture, which accumulate over time in brake fluid. Replacing the pump is a costly repair, making preventive maintenance a bargain by comparison.

Whether you need new brake pads or ABS diagnostics, our skilled technicians will give your braking system a complete inspection and evaluation and will help put the brakes on any problems before they start!

Cooling System

If you’ve ever been out on a hot Chicago summer day, you know how important it is to stay cool and hydrated to avoid heatstroke and other heat-related complications. Much in the same way, your car can become overheated without the proper care, and if ignored, can lead to catastrophic engine failure.

Coolant, which is a 50-50 mix of water and antifreeze, is like Gatorade® for your car. It flows through your car’s radiator, water pump, and engine cooling passages to keep it “hydrated” and operating at the proper temperature. Low coolant levels or coolant that’s dirty and contaminated from age and miles can lead to an overheating engine, which can lead to a literal meltdown. The engine can overheat and seize, leaving you in the hot seat.

Common signs of cooling system problems include a low coolant warning light, the engine temperature gauge going to the red zone, low coolant levels, leaking coolant, steam under the hood, and, in the winter, a heating system that blows cool air.

To maintain your system and to help avoid cooling system repairs, your coolant needs to be flushed periodically. Your CARS of America Client Care Specialists can help advise you of when so keep your cool and let us deal with the heat! We’ll ensure your car is properly hydrated and will thoroughly check the system’s other components, such as the drive belts, cooling fan, radiator, radiator hoses, water pump, and even the radiator cap.

Factory Maintenance

You’ve heard that following your car’s recommended factory maintenance schedule is critical to preserving its life and integrity. But is it really necessary? Absolutely. While your vehicle is covered by the new car warranty, factory-specified maintenance is required to maintain that warranty. And your CARS of America Client Care Specialist can advise you on those items.

After the warranty, following your car’s preventive maintenance schedule can add years to its life and dollars to its resale value. Your CARS of America team members use factory maintenance schedules as a guide, and then we customize our recommendations based on your driving habits and the results of our bumper-to-bumper vehicle inspections.

Today’s cars are more complex than ever, and these modern improvements mean they have a longer life expectancy as long as they’re properly cared for. So why wait until your car is showing obvious signs of distress? Let the experts at CARS of America keep your car running reliably for years to come.

Shocks / Struts

Sure, some people like to put some “bounce” into their cars to go along with their flashy wheel rims, but you’re not one of them. Instead, the jolt and jump you feel each time you hit a pothole or speed bump is completely unintended.

Regular inspections of your shocks and struts and your steering system are recommended about every 12,000 miles or 12 months. Common signs of steering and suspension problems include excessive bouncing, steering wheel vibration, uneven tire wear, and noise while turning or going over bumps.

Our technicians will smooth out the rough edges of your ride and get you gliding down the road in no time. Our comprehensive steering and suspension services include:

  • Diagnosing noises, steering wheel pull, and poor handling.
  • Installing new shocks and struts.
  • Locating the source of steering fluid leaks.
  • Balancing your wheels and tires.
  • Aligning your vehicle.
  • Eliminating road vibrations and bounce.

Timing Belt

When it comes to your car’s engine, it’s all about the timing. Without a timing belt, your car’s valves, pistons, camshafts, and crankshaft would have no idea when to move. Worse yet, they’d all be moving at the wrong time and collide, causing costly internal engine damage. The timing belt coordinates and synchronizes the movement of all these components, and without it, your car would be at a complete standstill.

Timing belts become worn over time, cracking and breaking if neglected for too long. Miles driven, contaminated oil, and the tension in your belts all contribute to timing belt breakdown. In most cars, the timing belt cannot be visually inspected for wear because it’s buried beneath a number of plastic shields. Your best bet is to replace the timing belt according to your car’s factory-recommended maintenance schedule.

Don’t risk a roadside breakdown. There are few, if any, warning signs before a timing belt fails, and when it does, your car will stall immediately and come to a stop wherever you happen to be. This means a call to a tow truck and an unexpected repair bill, and this is the best-case scenario.

Worst case: Your engine pistons and valves collide, leaving you with internal engine damage. In some cases, the valves can snap and damage the cylinder head as well. Often, the extent of this damage is unknown until you disassemble part of the engine. This spells a repair that can easily hit the $2,000 and up range.

Do yourself and your budget a favor, and let our technicians tame your timing belt. We’ll confirm the recommended replacement interval, carefully install a new timing belt, and ensure your car continues to run like clockwork.



Your tires are more than just the rubber compounds that keep you rolling down the road. They also keep you safe when the weather gets sloppy and work with your car’s steering and suspension components to ensure a smooth, confident, and reliable ride.

Tires are key in keeping you and your passengers safe when the rubber meets the road, and CARS ensures your tires are up to the task when spring storms make the highways slick and winter delivers dangerous snow and ice.

At CARS of America, we value your time and money, and we want you to be a customer for life. That’s why we do more than just replace your tires. When you purchase a set of four tires at CARS, it comes with

Hankook Logo
  • Free lifetime tire rotations.
  • Free tire repairs. *

As a CARS’ client, you’ll also receive a free annual wheel alignment inspection, which helps ensure you maximize the life and mileage of your new tires.

Call on CARS to take care of your tires while helping tighten your pocketbook!

* Up to six years and 2/32 tread wear. Any tire with less than 2/32 of the tread is beneath industry standards and should be replaced.

Tire Rotation

Have you ever looked at the bottom of your shoes and noticed a specific kind of wear? Maybe you’re a heel-walker or roll to the inside of your foot. It usually doesn’t take long to realize when it’s time for a new pair. Worn treads can affect your gait and your shoe’s ability to keep traction with the ground. The same concept applies to your tires.

Tire rotation and even tire wear are critical to the longevity of your tires, as well as your car’s ability to grip the pavement. Rotating your tires from one position on the car to another ensures continuous even wear, essentially adding miles to the life of your tires.

At CARS, your tire rotations are free for the life of your tires when you purchase your tires from us. *

Just like your shoes, tires wear differently depending on your driving style, the condition of your suspension, and the tire's position on the car. Let our technicians inspect your treads and help you get the most mileage for your money.

* Up to six years and 2/32 treadwear. Any tire with less than 2/32 of tread is beneath industry standards and should be replaced.

Wheel Balance

Are your hands nearly numb from the vibration coming off your steering wheel? Does a ride in your seat feel like a ride on a rickety rollercoaster, especially at higher speeds? Unbalanced wheels and tires are most likely the culprits.

Unbalanced wheels occur when a wheel weight falls off your wheel or your tire spins slightly on the wheel as a result of rapid braking or accelerating. Another frequent cause of tire vibration is an internal failure usually referred to as a belt separation. While correcting a missing wheel weight is a simple matter of rebalancing the tires, any tire/wheel vibration should be inspected by a professional as soon as possible because an out of balance tire will cause rapid tire, steering, and suspension components wear. A belt separation is a safety-related issue frequently resulting in sudden tire failure. Belt separations require tire replacement.

Considering how many surfaces and objects your wheels and tires come into contact with, it’s easy to see why they need to be rebalanced on occasion. Our technicians will take the shake out of your ride by using the latest tools in computerized wheel balancing to counteract your wheel and tire imperfections.

Wheel Alignment

From tight corners to tire wear and vehicle control at highway speeds, a proper wheel alignment is a critical part of your car’s regular maintenance schedule.

A car that is out of alignment has a tendency to pull and drift from the centerline, and in severe cases, you may find yourself fighting to keep the steering wheel centered. Other signs include rapid and uneven tire wear or a feeling that your car is “wandering” down the highway. Your gas mileage can even be affected because when your vehicle is out of alignment, the tires resemble a snowplow rather than two parallel rollers.

If you notice any of these symptoms, let us inspect your car’s alignment angles. We’ll adjust as necessary to ensure your wheels and tires are perpendicular to the ground and parallel with each other, keeping your car firmly planted and your passengers safe.

In fact, at CARS, all clients receive a free wheel alignment inspection every year. We’ll even send you a reminder email to keep you on top of this key maintenance item.


Oil and Filter Change

Changing the oil in your car is the most important preventive maintenance you can do to keep the engine running reliably for 100,000 miles and above.

With Express Auto Care at CARS of America, we make oil changes fast and easy.

Oil change and tire rotation coupon | 
      Cars Of America, Inc

Many conventional “quick lube” places offer limited services, and as a result, they can miss trouble areas on your car. That means you could have repair needs go unnoticed, leading to pricey surprises down the road.

But with CARS’ Express Auto Care, you’ll find comprehensive car care that accommodates your busy schedule. We don’t cut corners AND we get the job done quickly.

For your convenience, our Express Auto Care center is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (last car in) Monday through Friday. You can make an appointment or pull in anytime we’re open.


If you're hearing an unpleasant squealing under the hood when you start the car in the morning, it might be time for a new serpentine or accessory drive belts. Inspecting, tightening, or replacing worn belts is one of the services we can take care of while you wait.

Car Battery

The average lifespan of a car battery is 3 to 5 years. If your battery is in that range, don't get stranded. Stop by CARS Express Auto Care to have us test the performance of the battery or to proactively install a new battery for you.

Headlights, Taillights, Brake Lights

Don't help other drivers rack up their scores in a game of "padiddle" or risk being pulled over at the most inopportune time. (As if there's an opportune time to be pulled over!) When you choose CARS for your oil changes, we'll inspect the your vehicle lighting to make sure the headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, and license plate lights all work. If you're in between oil changes and need a bulb replaced, drive into CARS Express Auto Care for while-you-wait service.

Tire Rotations

Rotating your tires regularly helps the tread to wear more evenly, effectively extending the life of your tires. At CARS, we can rotate your tires while you wait, and we'll even inspect the brakes at the same time. This will help you know well in advance of when you're due for new brakes.

Wiper Blades

We often don't realize we need wiper blades until it's pouring or snowing wildly, and we're straining to see through a smeared water stream or withstand the annoying squeaking of a worn wiper blade. Don't let this happen to you! Set reminders to change your wiper blades in the spring and fall. And if you'd like help replacing your wiper blades, simply stop by CARS and let our Express Auto Care team help you.


Hybrid Repair Services

  • Hybrid Battery Testing
  • Hybrid Battery Reconditioning – Save thousands $ over the dealer!
  • Hybrid Battery Warning Light | Honda IMA Light
  • Brakes
  • Check Engine Light
  • Oil Changes – Express Service!
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Tires
  • Wheel Alignment
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