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  • Hybrid Batteries and Hot Weather

    Monday 19 June 2017

    Ironically, most people identify cold weather with vehicle battery failures. In all reality, most batteries are damaged in the hot weather, but since batteries are more efficient when warm that when cold and vehicles are easier to start in warm weather than cold weather, the damage doesn't show up until the following Winter. Hybrid Batteries are no exception, but a lot more  sensitive to the heat. A conventional lead-acid battery, used since the 1900's  is located un... read more

  • Chrysler recalls Pacifica Hybrids for loss of propulsion

    Friday 16 June 2017 As reported in Ratchet & Wrench 2 days ago, Chrysler is having a propulsion issue on about 1700 Pacific Hybrids

  • CARS of America to donate to local Victims of Domestic Violence Shelter

    Tuesday 13 June 2017

    In honor of Father's Day, during the week of  June 19 through June 23, 2017, CARS of America will donate $25 to $50 to Mary Lou's Place,  an Evanston shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence, for the first fifty vehicles scheduled and serviced at either location   Contact Dana 224-307-5000 at our Evanston location or Danae at 847-724-6724 at our Glenview location for details.  Did you know that one in four women are either a  victim of Domestic Violen... read more

  • Electric car kicks butt in drag race

    Friday 26 May 2017

    As the saying goes, "Different strokes for different folks". At last count there were over 100 models of Hybrid-Electric vehicles available for sale by major manufacturers, four million registered in the US, and eighty-five thousand within twenty-five miles of Glenview. When asked, most Hybrid Owners owners state that "they love their car", for several different reasons; most often mentioned is the lower cost of ownership. As recently reported  in a... read more

  • Hybrid car maintenance: Why it’s critical if you want to keep your car beyond the warranty

    Wednesday 25 January 2017

    Maintaining your hybrid costs a fraction of repairing it At CARS, our mission is to keep your car affordable, reliable and safe. And our message today is for hybrid car owners: If you want your hybrid to be affordable and reliable beyond the warranty period, we cannot stress how important routine maintenance is for the: Hybrid battery. Transmission fluid. Brake fluid. Why? The maintenance costs are a fraction of the repair or replacement costs. Let’s take a closer look... read more