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  • Electric car kicks butt in drag race

    Friday 26 May 2017

    As the saying goes, "Different strokes for different folks". At last count there were over 100 models of Hybrid-Electric vehicles available for sale by major manufacturers, four million registered in the US, and eighty-five thousand within twenty-five miles of Glenview. When asked, most Hybrid Owners owners state that "they love their car", for several different reasons; most often mentioned is the lower cost of ownership. As recently reported  in a... read more

  • Hybrid car maintenance: Why it’s critical if you want to keep your car beyond the warranty

    Wednesday 25 January 2017

    Maintaining your hybrid costs a fraction of repairing it At CARS, our mission is to keep your car affordable, reliable and safe. And our message today is for hybrid car owners: If you want your hybrid to be affordable and reliable beyond the warranty period, we cannot stress how important routine maintenance is for the: Hybrid battery. Transmission fluid. Brake fluid. Why? The maintenance costs are a fraction of the repair or replacement costs. Let’s take a closer look... read more

  • 5 Signs that It’s Time for an Oil Change

    Tuesday 10 January 2017

    It’s affordable, it’s easy and it’s important. An oil change is one of the most straightforward vehicle maintenance measures out there—but it’s also one that can be easy to push off when we get busy. Your car is pleading with you to stay on schedule. When you go too long between oil changes, your engine suffers. So does the value of your vehicle, and subsequentl... read more

  • How we clean hybrid battery terminals

    Sunday 04 December 2016

    The hybrid battery terminal on the top has been cleaned and is as good as new compared to the corroded terminal on the bottom. We’ve written quite a bit about our ability to test, recondition and rebuild hybrid car batteries. Today, we’re going to show you how we clean hybrid battery terminals, which get corroded just like the terminals in a re... read more

  • Transmission repair and maintenance FAQs

    Saturday 19 November 2016

    We answer your frequently asked questions about transmission fluid service and more. Transmission fluid is one of those aspects of vehicle care that comes with a lot of question marks. We get it: Given that the average transmission contains 30,000 individual parts, it can be tricky to keep track. That’s why we’ve assembled a few of our most frequently asked questions below... read more